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So long

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I won't be posting here any more. It was great to interact and meet so many of you here ... It's too bad that it came to this, but some people here lost completely their sense of  humor. I got banned twice here in last 2 months for nothing after posting here for over 7 years , for having a big mouth and simply fooling around ... big Romanian bro is watching, he can even read your private PMs. disgusting.

 Some new mod kids are trying too hard to exercise their mod powers and sh!t (does anyone know what Sekuritatea is?) ... greetings to Scott and his new communist infantile mods ... Good old posters who actually wanted to talk about tennis and who were so much fun are all gone.   

The board, for the longest time,  has been self moderated. Everything was just fine the way it used to be. 

Scott, feel free to  delete my profile  ...

Again, my deepest respect to so many guys/gals I enjoyed interacting with here (yeah B!tch Babbs  :)~, Dallas, Sid, MT, Swish, mimi, Pawan, Dmas, Chris, Kittens, Conchita, BGT, FFF  and many others).

Take care,

Seven years is a long time.
Things were handled terribly, some of the most low level thinking I've seen in awhile.  :rofl_2:
I'll stop by MTF now and then.   :cool:

I can tell you from experience, it's hard to go away permanently.
But good luck in the future, and hope you keep in touch.

You're right Alex, T4U sure has changed over the years.
It's been fun having you around here.
All the best to you. :)

LOL, it was Scott who read your PM and decided to ban you, but feel free to believe what you must. Like I told Nekro back then, I cannot read and ban upon PMs.


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