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So long

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Sorry for adding fuel into the fire but I do think your ban was justified.  Anyway, wish you good luck and all the best  :innocent:


--- Quote from: Alex on October 02, 2013, 12:20:19 PM ---I won't be posting here any more. It was great to interact and meet so many of you here ... It's too bad that it came to this, but some people here lost completely their sense of  humor. I got banned twice here in last 2 months for nothing after posting here for over 7 years , for having a big mouth and simply fooling around ... big Romanian bro is watching, he can even read your private PMs. disgusting.

 Some new mod kids are trying too hard to exercise their mod powers and sh!t (does anyone know what Sekuritatea is?) ... greetings to Scott and his new communist infantile mods ... Good old posters who actually wanted to talk about tennis and who were so much fun are all gone.   

The board, for the longest time,  has been self moderated. Everything was just fine the way it used to be. 

Scott, feel free to  delete my profile  ...

Again, my deepest respect to so many guys/gals I enjoyed interacting with here (yeah B!tch Babbs  :)~, Dallas, Sid, MT, Swish, mimi, Pawan, Dmas, Chris, Kittens, Conchita, BGT, FFF  and many others).

Take care,

--- End quote ---

What the heck?!  No props to The Logo.

I am disappointed  :rofl_2:

Enjoy and good luck with your boy at the Aussie.  He is becoming near automatic there.

I'm not sure what all this about, Alex, but I'm sorry that you feel you can't stay and contribute here.  You were the first person to welcome me when I joined here, and I've often found your comments to be thought provoking and interesting,even if I haven't agreed with them. 

If you can't find a way forward here, I'd like wish you well.  All the best, Alex. 

Hahahahahahahahah our Candian friend having an epic meltdown once more.

Bummer, sorry you feel you need to leave. 

Do understand that if bad things are said I have no choice but to ban or it will give people the freedom to do it over and over again.  I hate banning people, hate it, and that is obvious by the number of bans I have thrown down in the last 10 years.

Yes MT, the forums have changed.  I still leave it to the people to make this their home, a better place to stop and hang out for some good ol' tennis chattin'. 

When it gets chaotic is when I have to do something...


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