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China Open 2013 - WTA and ATP

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Here are all the other China Open matches I have. I also have a larger women's final in English, will upload if someone requests.

China Open 2013. QF. Djokovic-Querrey. 576i. RU.ts

China Open 2013. QF. Isner-Berdych.576i.RU.ts

China Open 2013. R2. Djokovic-Verdasco.576i.RU.ts

China Open 2013.R2.Ferrer-Matosevic.576i.RU.ts

China Open.2013.SF.Djokovic.Gasquet.part1.rar

China Open.2013.SF.Djokovic.Gasquet.part2.rar

Hello Sdede, thank you very much for making available these China Open matches - the only way I get to see them. Hopefully you will be able to upload some of the Shanghai men's matches as well - as always I am interested in the Djokovic and Nadal martches. Michael Kolarcik

Thanks sdede for posting the final in such quality!


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