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ATP Swiss Indoors (10/19-27/2013) 500

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anyone watching?

I expect I shall have the mute button on most of the time. For me the huge audible bias of the crowd irritates.  :mad1:

Caught a bit of the 2nd set.
Fed playing pretty well after dropping the first set.
I just love the way DPot can smack the ball through these indoor courts.
Still plenty of mid-length rallies despite the court speed and lower bounce.
Why, it's almost bearable to watch! :rofl_2:

Time for some yard work to burn off the calories from my full rack of smoked baby back ribs for breakfast. :king:

I went out for brunch after the second set.
I'm glad Del Potro won, if only to annoy all those noisy swiss.   :\
But I couldn't get involved in this one as much as the semi yesterday.


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