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ATP DOHA (12/28/2013-1/4/2014)


Seeded Players:

1. Nadal
2. Ferrer
3. Murray
4. Berdych
5. Gasquet
6. Kohlschreiber
7. Gulbis
8. Verdasco

First Round Results:

Kamke d Jaziri 63 64
Kubot d Gimeno-Traver 64 63
Karlovic d BERDEYCH 76(7) 76(4)
Verdasco d Volandri 63 63
Hanescu d Sousa 63 62
Monfils d Giraldo 76(1) 62
Nadal d Rosol 62 76(7)
Gulbis d Evans 62 46 60
Brown d Dodig 64 62
Gojowczyk d Thiem 75 60
Kohlshreiber d Andujar 76(7) 62
Mayer d Przysiezny 62 36 76(5)
Murray d Zayed 60 60
Gasquet d Hossam 75 61
Brands d Davydenko 64 64
Ferrer d Dolgopolov 63 57 63

Nadal d Kamke 63 67(3) 63
Gulbis d Kubot 62 46 63
Brown d Karlovic 36 76(13) 64
Gojowczyk d KOHLSCHREIBER 76(4) 76(7)
Hanescu d VERDASCO 46 76(0) 62
Mayer d MURRAY 36 64 62
Monfils d GASQUET 62 75
Brands d FERRER 64 75

Typical early-season craziness.  Nadal and Gulbis are the only two of the
8 seeds still alive in Dohar.  Interesting that Roger chose not to play in his
2nd home.  I hope that turns out to be a good move for him.  Maybe he'll get
some match toughness in Brisbane while Murray, Berdych, etc. are on the sidelines
already in Dohar.

Make that DOHA in my previous post.  Haven't quite waked up yet......

I was able to watch the Murray / Mayer match a couple of days ago.  Congratulations to Mayer for playing with belief & putting up a good match. Beating a top player is no easy task. As for Murray, he is obviously finding his momentum after a long gap in play & I doubt if he'll be losing sleep over this loss.  His behaviour though, left a lot to be desired.

As for Gulbis, despite his superb game & penchant for talking big, his failure to convert opportunities against the top players speaks louder. Nadal isn't playing at his best from what I can tell, and yet was able to take this match in straight sets. His next opponent needed 3 sets to get past Brown. I suspect this will effectively be a walk over win for Nadal. Unless Gojowczyk decides to stand his ground. In which case he might win a few games. 

It's good to see Monfils playing well again. His clowning around aside, he can play well & I hope he'll continue to do so.  I like Mayer's game & his demeanour here seems very positive. I hope he be confident after beating Murray & remain focused. This should be an interesting semi-final, and I'll try to watch it if I can.

Gojowczyk gave Nadal a good match in the semi - I stand corrected!

And despite Monfils's surge in the 2nd set, Nadal was in control in the 3rd, and has clinched his first title of the season. Congratulations to him for his 66th ATP title.

Berdych / Hajek beat Soares / Peya in straight sets in the doubles final yesterday.


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