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OT: Special Mention to WTAforever


No matches here, and this is a bit "out of the ordinary", but I didn't want this off-topic post to get lost in a specific subject (and since I'm the moderator I've given myself a bit of leeway here  :)) )

I just wanted to acknowledge the GREAT job WTAforever has done in finding and posting all of the tournaments that have been posted recently!

We don't have a "kudos" button, but I can see that 30, 40, 50 and more hits accompany each of the topics, so there's interest.

And who knows? I recently saw some ITF matches from 2010 between young women named Bouchard and Kerber - so enjoy seeing the up and comings!!

I'll leave it "sticky".

Thanks sdede

Keep uploading matches on my youtube channel


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