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Do taller players win more? A statistical analysis.

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A statistical analysis of the 2014 Australian Open.

In round 1 of the Mens draw:
-The taller player won 36 of 64 matches: 58%.
-Players were of equal height in 8 matches.
-The shorter player won 20 of 64 matches: 31%
-Shortest players in Round 1: David Ferrer, Tim Smyczek, Damir Dzumhur, Dudi Sela, and Albert Montanes (all 5′ 9″).
-Tallest player in Round 1: Ivo Karlovic

In round 1 of the Womens draw:
-The taller player won 34 of 64 matches: 53%.
-Players were of equal height in 10 matches.
-The shorter player won 20 of 64 matches: 31%
-Shortest players in Round 1: Sachia Vickery, Lauren Davis, and Kurumi Nara (all 5′ 2″).
-Tallest player in Round 1: Maria Sharapova (6′ 2″)

Read my blog to discover data from the entire tournament:

Is it about height?

Do shorter guys with higher rankings also lose disproportionately? If we use rankings as a proxy for talent, do the more talented, shorter players lose disproportionately? Is height the dominant variable or talent?

I win most of my matches against Jim D, so I hope that is factored in too!

Interesting topic.  Did you draw any conclusions from the AO yourself?

The short answer is he can't draw any conclusions from a single draw.

My conclusion on this topic is:
Height is advantageous to a certain point, then an impediment after that point. It's analogous to Andy Roddick's serve. He was in the top 10 for a decade because of the serve, but having to rely on his serve in lieu of being a more complete player was an impediment.


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