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It was a disappointing loss but I'm still proud. Soon to be 36 year old, Tommy's still defying the odds beating youngsters only to lose in the final.


--- Quote from: Babblelot on February 08, 2014, 06:23:44 PM ---Thanks GBY. Just got to watch Gasquet take down Jerzy. Impressive indeed especially considering indoors is where Jerzy made his name. I wonder if Jerzy is going to be amount to anything more than a dangerous floater. He sure seems to be nothing more than that.

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Well, Monfils gave Gasquet a lesson today. Congratulations to him on winning his 5th ATP title.  He has done well thus far this year, as runner up in Doha & winner here.   Pity Gasquet wasn't up to a better challenge. He couldn't find a single break point against the Monfils serve. I suspect his best match here was against Janowicz.  Babblelot, you ask a good question about JJ.  Mind you, I'd like more "dangerous floaters" out there to rock the boat on a regular basis. 
And my pair Gicquel / Mahut lost . 

In Zagreb, Cilic got the job done in straight sets too, winning his 10th title.  Sorry Haas couldn't win it, Lugburz.
Nice to see Rojer / Tecau win their first ATP title here.

The Fognini / Almagro SF in Chile looks well contested, going to a tb in the 3rd set.  I hope I can watch it somewhere.  FF ought to beat F. Mayer, who won the other SF.  But this is FF we're talking about, so who knows!  :)

Well done to Fognini!  He took the title in the Royal Guard Open, continuing an excellent run on clay.

Good to hear Almagro was back on court. Something tells me he might have choked away his opportunities to win! What a nightmare if so lol


--- Quote from: Gawdblessya on February 10, 2014, 03:11:51 PM ---Well done to Fognini!  He took the title in the Royal Guard Open, continuing an excellent run on clay.

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