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ATP TOURNAMENTS 8-16 February 2014

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7-6 Verdasco 1st set.

Tommy's looking very sharp so far even with dropping a 3-0 lead.

Tommy breaks already in the opening game of the 2nd set maintaining good level of play.
Verdasco breaks back, some good tennis here, but also some some silly errors.
Hah another break for Tommy, practically being given that one just as he gifted previous one.
Finally easy holds by both, *3-2 Tommy
Again easy holds by both, *4-3 Tommy.
Highlights were Tommy's between the legs volley try and Verdasco's 177kmh fh winner dtl!
*5-4, Tommy's serving fir the 2nd set.
Tommy broken again and will serve to stay in the match *5-6.

Tommy takes 2nd set 7-6(1) Should have been way sooner, but I'll take this as well.

Verdasco took an early break and leads *2-1
Tommy breaks back with some gutsy play there *2-2
3-2* Haas, great game so far and Tommy upped his game a bit.
Also somebody tell Verdasco this ain't clay, so sliding like this will get him hurt lol
4-3* Tommy leads, being closer to breaking Verdasco and seems to be having a momentum.
5-4* Relatively easy holds by both..
Tommy secures TB and leads 6-5*

Tommy wins 6-7(4) 7-6(1) 7-5
Good match with some help from Verdasco at the end but Tommy was pretty solid and forced Verdasco to miss a lot even with less winners.

Janowicz played very well to win last night.  When he gets his momentum , his timing & execution is superb, and the potential he has, is clear.

As for today, Hi. Lugburz. I'm watching the Haas match too, but only with half an eye as I'm working.

What a meal they've made of it. Unforced errors by the gallon. But some excellent tennis too. FV missing on his forehand a lot.

It's 6-5 to TH with FV serving.  This looks like another tb, unless Th can work his game.  He has match point! 

Yes! TH takes it 7-5 in the 3rd set.  Well done to him for prevailing in this tough match. Both he & FV were inconsistent, and I don't think TH played too well today. Certainly, not his best. So hopefully he'll settle down for the next match. He'll need to as he's playing Janowicz. 

There are some potentially excellent matches looming, and I'm looking forward to watching as much as I can.

Here is today's schedule for the 12th February:

In Memphis,  Querry, seeded 6,  is out to Bogomolov Jnr.  I havenít watched any matches here, but note that Baghdatis plays Hewitt next, a match that could be interesting & Iíll try to watch it.
Nishikori, the defending champion,  has yet to play & F.Lopez, seeded 2 plays Karlovic next.
Hereís the schedule for the 12 February:


In Buenos Aires, Fognini, Ferrer, Robredo, Almagro are among those through to the next round.  I wonder if Fognini can retain his momentum here, and take this title. Heís playing his opponent in the final of his previous tournament, L. Mayer next.   Dolgopolov, for whom I have a soft spot, is playing here & I wish him well. 

The schedule for the 12th February:

I'm enjoying Gulbis - Dimitrov one. Always like watching Ernests, such variety! But I like Grigor as well. So that's a bonus for me heh

Gulbis won over Dimitrov 64 76 showing some amazing tennis. Happy for him, let's hope can maintain it. Possible encounter vs Delpo would be good one.

By the way, no coverage on court 1 in Rotterdam is ridiculous. Meaning no Haas - Janowicz and Kohli - Gasquet, I'm mad  :mad1:


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