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Special Tribute to Elena Baltacha

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I only have a few of her matches, but thought it appropriate to honor her memory by posting what I have:

:crying: :Sad-Bye:

AO.2011.R2.Henin.Baltacha.wmv 715.2 MB (not a complete match)

RolandGarros.2012.R1.Baltacha.Stosur.wmv 570.4 MB

Eastbourne.2010.QF.Baltacha.Stosur.wmv 1.78 GB

Wimbledon.2012.R2.Baltacha.Kvitova.NC.mp4 619.8 MB

Wimbledon.2013.R1.Baltacha.Pennetta.avi 1.14 GB


I'll add this one. 
2012 Wimbledon R1 Baltacha vs 632.5 MB!xMEmRBwB!Yhn4lmz1Hf14uX8vw7CLRqwtgUH8rPmRiRpjDO6VST4

Thanks very much! As a matter of fact, England WTA is commemorating her this week with some special events in her memory.
She was a great tennis player. We are going to miss her

She was a great tennis player


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