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Is anybody posting anything on this board any more?

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So, I decided to come back but this place is absolutely dead. I don't get it. Nobody talks even about Wimbledon. Only 40 posts regarding RG. What's happening? Where is everyone? wow
What would you like to know?:)

Not as active as we once were.  Pretty slow.  Start some discussions, see what happens.

Scott, I will try but so many old members are simply gone. It's not your fault but it's bizarre. I had my reasons for leaving the board for a while but it's in the past now. Babs is nowhere to be found. Sid too. Dmas, MT, Kittens  ... I can go on and on.  I miss Chris very much. Dallas is slacking too.

There is a new tennis forum. I will not even mention their name, but they are pretty active. I do not like the format or moderators there (they all used to be active on before they completely shut down the forum) so I don't post on that 'frontier board'. MTF is still a jungle but it's crazy busy. There are thousands of posts being generated every minute. Most is complete crap but still.

We used to have so many good quality discussions.

yeah, guess with the face book, twitter? etc, many people left the message board.  But I am a loyal and old-fashioned old woman, i still post in the same tennis message boards for 13 years  :king:


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