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Notes from Cincinnati Masters Tournament - August 2014

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I made my annual trip to Mason, Ohio today for the Cincy Tennis Tournament. Did it in record time, 7hour 50 minutes from home to tennis center. It was an easy drive. Even getting through the Columbus mixmaster was a breeze. I guess I'm getting to know the roads very well by now. After 6 or is it 7 visits, I still have not seen Cincinnati itself.

I wanted to get here early to see the qualies; in particular the young Australians. In the past they have gone out very quickly. This time, they seem to be doing well. I did not get to Ebden's match but was pleased to hear rhat he came through. I did get to see Tomic who managed to beat Farrukh Dustov (?) in what was a good match. Tomic plays an odd game with several beautiful master strokes followed by many rather clumsy ones. There is a good bit of theater and self-commentary, Djokovic style. He could be a top player if only he could pull all the good stuff together. But for me, he's short on charm  :(.
Matosevic took 3 sets to bear Pavic from Croatia. It was a close match, with, in my view, Pavic doing better in the rallies and in the planned approaches to the net, while Matosevic was the better server and better scrambler to get the unforseen distant ball. He was irritated at several on the line calls in an antsy sort of way. That particular match had first day problems in that, before starting, they had to look for three nets before they found one that worked. I thought the players showed admurable, good humored patience during the substantial delay. I was reminded of the standard light bulb joke, asking myself how many groundspeople were needed to change a tennis net. Many.  :)
Kyrgios was scheduled to play Chase Buchanan but for some reason was replaced by Llodra who I would not have expected to see in a qualie. Mertov, with his inside contacts, may be able to enlighten. In any case, Llodra  played surprisingly badly, losing the first set 1-6, and the second much more closely (4-6). Buchanan, as I recall, has strong OSU connections (you could tell he was a local favorite). He played very well and it will be interesting to see how he does in the next round.

Djokovic is here and on the practice court today. I understand that Cincy is the one Masters title that has eluded him although he has played 4 finals. I have memories of two of them when I don't think he was trying very hard. Maybe this time will be different but sometimes you feel that some top players here are saving their best for the US Open.

Such is life ..-) .

Euroka, take some pics, do not be lazy  :)>>>>

Euroka, Kyrgios had a sharp pain in his left forearm thus pulled out shortly before the match which allowed Llodra to play instead.  Llodra is pretty much done with tennis, at least in his head, so the big winner of that turn of events was Chase Buchanan, the 2013 NCAA Singles Champion.  He could not have dreamed of a better scenario so early in his pro career, in a Masters Series event.  Kyrgios should be fine for the US Open from what I heard.

I saw Matosevic practice without his t-shirt in the morning and the guy is incredibly fit. I watched him in 2011 and 2012 several times and he is a physical specimen today in comparison to those times.  He also has a great draw.  I would be shocked if he does not take out Mannarino in straight sets.

I will be there for the Tomic - Ebden match so I will look for you, although I may be a little late, because I am watching another match that starts at 10 AM on Court 4.  It's a women's match so I am not sure how much it will interest you but you may consider it as a warm-up for Ebden vs. Tomic. :) I agree with you by the way, it's hard to root for Tomic.


I have a really bad internet connection so communications may be occasional.
Thanks Mert for the information. I'll try to be at that match.
Hi Alex. I am lazy and I do not take pictures. I just like to sit in the sun. Mert does and may oblige. Check out his tennis desk from time to time.

OP, thanks for posting. I like to hear "ground level" news.
A shame about Kyrgios, was hoping to have another look at him this tournament.


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