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Notes from Cincinnati Masters Tournament - August 2014

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I'll be polite and charitable and restrict my remarks to the Ivanovic - Sharapova match (won by Ivanovic with score 6-2, 5-7,-7-5 ) by saying that it contained most of the features that Alex and I complained about recently over at Mertov's Tennis Desk. The night was pleasant and the match, to say the least, interesting but it certainly was not inspirational.  :mad1:

Federer was playing the best I have seen him play in quite a long time in his match against Raonic which he won comfortably at 6-2, 6-3. Raonic never got his ground game going in the first set but was a lot better in the second. Still, he missed many first serves (although there was one that clocked at 142mph). Fed plays Ferrer in the final tomorrow. It will be a very different game but I expect the outcome to be the same.

I'm back in Washington in time to watch the men's final, remotely.
7 hours, 50 minutes, door to door again.
Wanted to avoid predicted bad weather on Monday. :rain:

:edit. That was a pretty good final.  Even though Federer won, Ferrer certainly performed creditably.  :)

It has really been great seeing all the great tennis this last week.


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