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Notes from Cincinnati Masters Tournament - August 2014

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I spent the day waving a virtual Australian flag at three matches.

First was Tomic vs Ebden.Tomic played a lot more consistenly that yesterday and with far fewer theatrical gestures. I expect he already knew Ebden's game well. But still, it was a good match, and it was clear all along that if it came to a tie-break, Tomic would probably get it. In the event, Ebden lost his serve late in the first set and Tomic got that 7-5. I left but noticed later that the second set went to a tie-break which Tomic won.

Mertov had no need to be shocked (see above), but the match between Matosevic and Mannarino was very entertaining. Mannarino lost his cool in a very French way with considerable racquet absuse and loud comment, when he lost serve in the first set and never really recovered. Matosevic played an exemplary game and  I was interested to note that he seemed to really appreciate the support he was getting from the stands. Hearing him up close, saying "Thanks mate" to a court official, underlined his strong Australian accent.

But the highlight of the day for me was the Hewitt - Meltzer match. From my point of view it stared very badly. Hewitt's success in matches depends on his serve being in reasonably good shape and in the first set it was awful. Meltzer, in addition, was playing a much more powerful ground game, indispersed with drop shots that Hewitt could never quite get to. (The sort that Matosevic handles magnificently). So there went the first set 3-6.  :(  Even the second set did not look good for Hewitt, The double faults continued and right until something like 4-4, it looked like Meltzer would win. But then the Hewitt serve came back and he started to fight in the way you read about. The crowd loved it :grind dance: and after a 6-4 win, it was on to the third set. Still that was a close one, with some lapses from Hewitt and it could still have gone either way. But he kept fighting and the crowd showed loud appreciation  :applause:. One felt a bit sorry for Meltzer who was playing very well. Finally, with a string of magnificent serves, Hewitt got the third at 6-4. I'd read about Hewitt's ability to fight back and win from near defeat but had never seen it and felt privileged to have witnessed it today.

I was zonked out from tennis and decided not to go back tonight. Why ruin a good day with excess?

Euroka, I came to Ebden vs. Tomic at 4-4 in the second and looked for you everywhere but could not see you  :(
It was an entertaining ending to the match in the tiebreaker, although Tomic still has a way to go seeing how he tanked the two returns at 5-5 30-0 down just to get the game over with  :confused1: I could understand if he was leading 5-1 but at 5-5???  he looks often like he wants to get out of the court as quick as possible.

I also saw Matosevic's second set (but again did not see you, sigh).  You are right, it was entertaining.  At one point, Mannariono wanted to make a comment to Matosevic when the latter gave an attitude after Mannarino's let court passing shot, but his coach tols him in French to "keep his mouth shut."  Mannarino did but when he lost the next point he bursted out loud screaming "the guy talks to his corner all the time and mine won't let me say a word" in French, directed at his coach obviously (the coach gave a smirky smile).  This was also when Matosevic asked the referee if his opponent was allowed to say anything he wanted to which the umpire responded by "I don't understand what he says, so..."/  it leads me to believe that Matosevic might pick up a bit of French.

At the end Matosevic saluted the crowd showing his appreciation (see Euroka's comments above).
I was stuck writing an update during Hewitt's match so i did not get to see it live.  Maybe it was the best match of the day seeing your account of it.

Tomorrow, I will try again to catch you, assuming you follow the virtual-Australian-flag-waving pattern :)

Hi Mert,

As you know, I do not understand French, either! (I was lost without you and the girls in MC! ) Australians and Americans carry at most one other language and often not even that. Mine is Spanish. It was clear that something was being said and if I were to guess, it would have been rather vulgar  :shocking: , so I am glad of the accurate translation. The first set was pretty lively too!

Anyway, it would be wisest for Australians to learn Mandarin now.  :Teacher:

I  left after the first set of the Tomic match because I thought I could see how it was going and I wanted to see the whole of the Matosevic one. I never am sure where I am going to be but look out for the big light brown hat and there will probably be me under it. I expect to start at the Sock - Robredo match and after that to go following the flag.

I was able to see three matches on Monday;all very different.

The first was Robredo - Sock which the former won 7-6, 7-3. The first set was pretty evenly balanced with Sock showing the stronger serve but Robredo showing the better match play as expected from his years of experience. Sock had a medical time-out, apparently for his upper right shoulder, after the first set and was never the same after that and played a very weak second set. It looked as though there might have been something like a stomach disorder well. Unfortunate, as great things were expected from that young man.

The second was Mahut - Matosevic, won by the latter at 6-4, 7-6. Basically lots of hard serving and fierce long rallies. The rallies were won more or less equally so that the match in the end depended on who  could deliver the most unreturnable serves. There were some awkward interchanges again between Matosevic and the chair umpire about line calls; one right at the end of the match which was supplemented by a couple of f* words. It will not do Matsosevic's reputation any good. Over at MTF, the "mad dog " nickname is being used again. It seems to me that the mark of a good sportsman is to ride with any chair umpire miscalls, apparent or real, realizing that, in the long term, it all balances out. We had enough of chair umpire abuse from Roddick, which was mostly in poor taste.

In the evening I met a friend from previous years and she whisked me off to a seat in the covered part of the grandstand court where we had a first class view of the Fognini - Roger Vesselin match both of whom I wanted to see. It was a long rambling 3 setter which Fognini, after much flamboyance (and a couple of smashed racquets) won 6-4,4-6, 7-6. R V played a very gentlemanly game in contrast and led for much of the third set but Fognini finally eked out the win in a closely contested match. It was all lots of fun, in contrast to the grimness of the other two matches.

I noticed that Tomic lost to Simon, 3-6, 2-6. I missed that one owing to a heavy storm which disrupted the evening schedule. No big loss for Tomic. It is Simon who now has to face Djokovic.  :)&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;


--- Quote from: Swish on August 10, 2014, 06:55:38 AM ---OP, thanks for posting. I like to hear "ground level" news.
A shame about Kyrgios, was hoping to have another look at him this tournament.

--- End quote ---
Yeah. I was hoping to see Nick in action as well. Granted, he still has a way to go but he's showing promise. Regardless, Cincinnati should still be entertaining.


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