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how much for stringing?


new player:
just wondering what is the going rate for labor on a string job

If you can find someone who does it on the side, meaning NOT a proshop, maybe $12.00 - $20.00.  There is a guy on my league who strings racquets for $15.00 for others as long as they just use the regular gamma string he has.  I  am sure his price goes up if he has to use gut or something.

I string for people now and then.  I usually just charge $10.00, but I usually only do it for friends, and they usually bring the tennis balls more often when we hit.

Pro shops can be pricy!  In college I spent $25.00 a pop for cheap crap 3 times, then I got my own stringer.

There's a guy where I sometimes play who strings rackets for people who play there, and I believe he charges $10 or $15. But regardless of where you go, it shouldn't be more than $20. If you go somewhere like Sports Chalet (where I often go), you just pay for the price of the strings.

I charge $10 for cheapo Gamma strings.


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