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Can Myskina take the over #1 ranking in 2005?

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Myskina has said her goal is to become #1 in the world in 2005.  I think that is a great goal.  She is currently ranked #3 right now.

Henin will be coming back, Kim too if she can stay injury free on that left wrist.  The William sisters will also be looking for a comeback and we all know Sharapova is doing some damage.  Not to mention the current #1, Davenport.

Anyone think she can take over as #1?  She is a very smart tennis player, reminds me of Hingis sometimes...

I think she had her best chance, she will ever have, last year.   She choked away the Olympic semi with Henin-Hardenne, had she won that she likely would have won the final; and combine that with a decent U.S open(she may have even won it, she did beat Davenport her potential quartefinal opponent a couple times last year) and she quite possably is the year-end #1.   I think she is very good but would be surprised if she got that close again.

Dream on sista!  Anything's possible in your dreams.  I dreamt once that I went out to a casino with Sharapova (honest to God)  :whistle:

lol, nice.

Ironic cuz neither of us would have been able to get in.


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