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string for a geezer?

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I settled on a Head Liquidmetal Radical OS and am now looking for string advice. I plan on stringing the racquet somewhat loosely, would like to impart decent spin, and am interested in durability. I do not play much competitively, but mostly help with a high school team and play pick-up matches. Any suggestions?

(Here is a quote from a recent post, summarizing my background:)
I'm as old as dirt (50) and had major shoulder re-construction (Type 4 SLAP lesion) 9 months ago. It was the result of too much coaching and playing volleyball.

It feels great now, though, and I am ready for more tennis (less volleyball!), and a new racquet. I consider myself an intermediate, all-court (more baseliner), doubles-type player.

string it up a decent multifiliment 16 gauge at about 63 or 64 pounds.  if you want to use luxilons like agassi, i'd be careful, you dont want to mess up your elbow or shoulder, and tehy are quite stiff.  dont string it too loose, because it is very powerful, and you will launch some balls if you do.  a good multi at mid to higher tension is the ticket.


I am sure you will get plenty of opinions on this one, we all like different things.

I recently switched to the Prince 16G synthetic gut.  I think it is right down the middle in terms of durability vs touch vs spin vs power.  I really like it.  I get a good 8 hours of match play in with them and a good 5 hours of practice time with them which is great for me.  I chewed through my last strings in 2-3 hours which gets annoying.

I have also strung players racquets with the stuff and a year later it still has not broke,  so it is good stuff.  The price is good too.  My understanding is that is the most used string out there due to cost and playability vs all the other stuff to think about.  In the end it is economical and it is a good medium for most racquets.

I really like it.  But I know nothing about your racquet...  Sorry!!!

Charlie is the Tennis4you equipment expert and he answers all the equipment questions sent to Tennis4you since I only know about the stuff I like.  Feel free to send him an e-mail and ask him...

This site is unbelievable! Six minutes after posting, at 11:30 at night, there are two great responses. Thanks...I will e-mail Charlie and am anxious to hear some more opinions.

He is awesome, I love the guy.  He has a pro shop on my site too.  He knows his stuff.  He usually e-mails back in less than 24 hours.

And as far as the quick replies...  I had a late match and I am no where near being tired yet.  :)  Just working on the pc, I check this board often.  Probably too often  :)


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