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So, is this a friendly board?

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Just came over from the constant foolishness on that "other" board.

yes, i speak for scott when i say, that we are indeed a freindly and respecctful board.  we are a downright admiring crowd, if your name is anna k, of course.

MC ill Logic:
Scott is one of the best moderators I've ever run across.  We can use a few more hard core regulars but this board is still hella cool.


I think we are a very friendly group.  We stay pretty active too, this is the off season for tennis and somehow we managed to find something to talk about tennis related.  We just moved from our old forums 2 weeks ago, so things may look a littl ebare overall, but we seem to be catching up quickly.  We left tens of thousands of posts behind, 5 years worth.  I am glad you stopped by!

I wish it were possible to combine this board with TAT. We need more regulars too!


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