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Gilbert talks a bit more about Roddick


If ya ask me, Gilbert was Roddick's best chance. Federer played unspeakably phenomenal tennis this year. I wish Andy luck, but until the Fed gets hurt or loses this touch he has...I just don't see it happening.,8659,11821835-23869,00.html

Yeah, I saw that earlier, still talking about it, I think Gilbert was pretty disappointed.  I think Gilbert was right and that Andy has a lot of work to do.  

Not only does Andy need to worry about Federer smashing everyone and leaping ahead of the field, he needs to worry about Safin, Hewitt, Nadal.  Hewitt owns him and he is training his butt off right now.  I think Roddick needs Gilbert more than ever right now.  The AO will be interesting for sure!


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