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Can Federer win 3 slams again next year?

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Anyone here think Federer can repeat and win 3 slams next year?  I think it will be extremely tough.  Safin is playing well, Agassi can win big matches, Nadal is coming up through the ranks.  I think 2005 will be tougher for Roger.

Any thoughts?

did you see him play with his torn thigh?  he killed everyone. safin included.  tehy can put his name on every trophoy for all tounries he enters.  that guy is invincible.  he makes me proud to be 1/32nd swiss.  :)

Can he?  Well, obviously he *can*, he already has done.
Will he?  Probably not.  1 or 2 at most.

I will say he will at least 2...  The FO will be the stretch for him, but you never know, the dude is a freaking genius.  I cannot see him just winning 1.

i already have 50 bucks on him winning all 4 slams.  the man just has to stay healthy and focused, and his racqeut will just swing itself.  it doesnt look like he even treis when he plays.  its rediculous.  ive eben tryign to dribble the ball between the legs like he deos between points for 1 month, and i look like a whiteboy trying to gansta rap.  its not happening.  anyone who can do that correcly and subconciencely better be able to go ahead and win 4 slams without too much presure  :\


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