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Still holding out hope for Andre

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Ok, I think it's safe to say that this is Andre's last season in men's tennis (how many times has that been said?). He's being counted out I think by a lot of people and I don't think many people think he's going to get past Federer. I'm still holding out for Andre.

He played an amazing semi-final match against Safin, he stormed thru Moya, Roddick, and Hewitt this past summer. I think he knows this is his last shot and you gotta know how much he would like to go out with a slam under his belt and a win over Federer. He gave Federer the hardest match he has to face at the US one else took him to 5 sets. He has played better against him each time he's played him....Smoked in the masters....better in Indian Wells, and even better at the US Open. The article at the bottom of this post has Federer touting that he still considers Andre a "major threat"....not Roddick.....he talked about Andre.

I'm holding out for the A-train...whether it's in Austrailia or The US....I want him to see one more slam. He's prolly working harder during this off season than he has ever worked before....I truly truly hope it pays off for him this year.

with the talent thats in the game today, it would take a huge twist of fate, as well as a few injuires and or 5 set matches for his opponents before they play him, for him to have a shot.  he doenst have that big of a game.  his groundies are good, but federer will blow him off the court.  yes ye,s the us open quarters . . . teh wind was 40 mph gusts.  i t was a joke of a match, and yet agassi with the oversize racquet, and compact strokes, still lost.  i would love to see agassi tdo well, but a slam is too much to expect at this stage.

Hummer, that's an insane assumption to make in my opinion.

--- Quote ---he doenst have that big of a game
--- End quote ---

You've gotta be joking me. You don't win 8 slams with a game that's not big. You don't dominate the best player of all time (Pete Sampras) with a small or weak game. Andre does not have a small game, he's one of the game's legends, by far and I dont think anyone can ever doubt his talent.

Andre may not play with the extreme power of Roddick or the extrem finesse of Roger but I think he's a happy medium between the two which makes his game so unique because he can rely on one or the other when things get rough. He has an incredible mental game that has allowed him to fight through so many tough matches throughout the years. And besides, I'd like to see you win the Australian Open after the age of 30.

How could you think the US Open Quarters were a joke? That was easily the most amazing match of the entire tournament, on the men's side. Andre fought and though he still lost, he put up the best competition against Federer. In my opinion, even in his relatively old age, Andre is the only competition for Federer. He blew away Hewitt and Roddick this summer, the only two aside from Marat, that stand a chance at hanging with Federer and had that wind not been so intense he certainly would've taken down Fed too in the US Open.

How can you possibly doubt Andre's talent?  ;;)  That's crazy....

He's still got it in him for sure and he won't need injuries or a twist of fate. On any given day, Andre can get out there and blow most any player off the court with any part of his game. The only question may be his fitness but I think the AO is Andre's throne and he knows that he wants to take this one if perhaps this is his last season. He's definitely got the game to take it..and I hope he does.

i agree, agassi was really good.  parts of this year, he really showed his game adn played great.  how many times has he beaten federer last year? none.  he isnt getting any younger, and all these other guys like hewitt, roddick,  and safin are training harder to try and beat federer.  agassi has no chance at a slam next year.  yeah a mental game is good to have of course, and agassi does have it, although he has trouble over coming some challenges.  he had a lot of trouble with sampras at teh open, losing in the final in that match with all those tiebreaks.  federer is better than sampras, adn much more deadly to a player like agassi.  agassi relies on moving his opponent around.  federer does it better than agassi.  unless agassi really gets himself commited and in shape like sampras did before his last us open win, i dont think he can win another slam.  and now your saying .. . well sampras did it when everyone counted him out.  yeah he did.  he has a huge serve.  agassi has an efficient serve, adn efficient strokes.  federer is better in every way, and younger as well.  its over for agassi slam wise.  fed won how many tournies last year?  10.  what about agassi?  1.  and over their careers, yeah agassi is better and hes acomplished more.  just give federer time.  agassi's time is up.

sry, fed has 11 titles this year.


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