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Hello, I've just recently gotten interested in tennis.  I was wondering what kind of cheap racket should I but to start out with, or does it matter?

Have you started taking any kind of lessons or are you just hitting with friends?

I am not sure that a special racquet will do you any good yet, a cheapie will be a good buy for the first 4-8 months if you are just goofing around once a week.

I might take lessons i'm not sure yet.  I just don't know if there is anything in particular I should take into coinsideration while looking for a racket.

Right now there is probably not much.  If you want to get something fairly good you could get a "tweener" racquet.  You could get one used (they sell for cheap and are in great condition) for probably $50-$60...

go with a frame tahts not too heavy and has alarge enough headsize, look for one over 1oo square inches.  wislon has lots of afordable frames you can pick up at walmart or soemthing.  try to avoid the little pink ones . . .  also, make sure to get a full size one,  it should be 27 inches, not a junior racquet.


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