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Tsunami relief

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There seem to be a lot of tennis players providing money or doing something to raise money to be sent down to the victims and areas of the tsunami tragedy.

Tennis4you would like to offer up a big thanks to those players who take time and money out of their tennis careers to help these victims...

If you know of any players who are donating money or doing something to raise money please list them and what they are doing.

ATP - donating the $25,000 sanctioning fee for the Chennai Open to UNICEF emergency efforts in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt - Will auction autographed rackets, with the money also going to UNICEF relief.

Tennis Australia - Collecting donations for UNICEF during the eight tournaments to be held this summer, including the Australian Open.

Jonas Bjorkman & Mahesh Bhupathi - donating their entire earnings from next week's ATP Chennai Open and pledged to persuade other players to do the same.

Sharapova - Donating $10,000

MC ill Logic:
I donated money to Red Cross at Costco.  They made it really easy -- just give the money to the cashier -- and the sign said 100% of the donation would go to Red Cross.  

This tragedy is just surreal.  The thought of waves killing over 100,000 people is just ludicrous.  Now I know.

I cannot imagine it either.  If someone told me that a tsunami hit I would of guesed 1000 people MAX could of been killed.  And that would assume 1000 people on the beach or something.

MC ill Logic:
A friend last night talked about how he was stunned when the first figure of around 1000 dead was announced.  He was shocked at 1000.  At this point it's almost incomprehensible.  Horrible horrible horrible.


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