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Scott, something's not working right...

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MC ill Logic:
I don't know if it's because I'm on a Mac but I can't go to a specific page of a thread from the Forum.  

For example, the String for a Geezer thread is 2 pages long now.  But if I hit "2" page 2 doesn't load, page 1 does.  

Is anybody else having this problem?

Interesting, I will ask the phpBB2 experts on their forum.  I am not havign this problem at all.

Are you clicking on page "2" once you are in the subject or before you enter the subject?  Does the word "next" work?

MC ill Logic:
When I click it from inside the subject, it works.  But when I'm in the forum, where I can see all the topics (on that page), and I click on page "2", it goes to page 1 anyway.  

I'm using Safari on my Mac.  Maybe that's why???

Ok, now that I have the info I will post it in the help forums, those guys are awesome!

lol, this was his response, I have no clue what it means, but what browser are you using?

--- Quote ---His browser handles order of links differently. Those links are clickable, but also cell is clickable. When you click on link in IE/Mozilla/Opera8 link has higher priority than cell below that link. Opera7 and possibly whatever that uses uses give cell higher priority so when he clicks on any link inside cell javascript of cell is executed first so he is taken to first page. What exactly browser is he using?
--- End quote ---


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