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Sharapova vs V Williams exhibition match


Sharapova and Venus played an exhibition match already this year, Maria won 6-4, 6-3.  I know Venus is not at the top of her game, but still a great win for Maria.  Could be a good year for her if she keeps her game up and continues to improve.

What a disappointing loss for Venus, I'm sure. She'd be doing all that training in Palm Beach and I read that as soon as she got to Thailand (where the match was played, I think) she got right off the plane and went to hit for 3 hours working specifically on her forehand and backhands. Gets in the match and what happens, the forehand lets her down.

It really baffles me how easily her forehand lets her down now but never used to behave this badly back in the day :(

Maybe she'll whoop up on that trick in Hong Kong (where she and serena are playing doubles and she is playing singles)

Yeah, she will get her rematch.  In the end, who knows how much match play she has had.  Hopefully she will use these next few weeks to build some confidence going into the AO...


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