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Federer's backhand


Take a look at how far back his racquet is on his backswing...  I have problems taking it back quite that far, I usually do not take it any further than 90 degrees from where I plan on hitting the ball.  Mad timing this dude has!  I love his follow through too, yet again, I fall short there too.  

Ok, Although she is not my favorite player, she has a sweet backhand, I thought I would post the picture to compare.  She doesn't take her racquet head back near as far as Federer does, my backswing is more like hers...  But my backhand is actually more like a pile of crap.  :)

Her image will nto appear, so here is as a link...

MC ill Logic:
They both have slight loops on their backswings.  I've tried adding that to my stroke but after a while it just didn't seem worth it.  Federer is just so loose on his backhand, even looser than Guga.  I hate him.

Who'd you all reckon has the best backhand at the moment?

I am going with the top 2 pics above for my answer for one handed backhands.

2 handed, Agassi and Safin's are plain nasty!


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