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Kim Clisjters and the AO 2005


Yesterday I read that she would not compete in the AO2005.  Now I just read that she will try to, but she will be playing on a wild card.  If she plays on a wild card I assume she gets no seeding.  So potentailly she could draw the #1 player in the world in the first round?  Ouch.

I would like to see her back in action.  Has she been out of tennis long enough now that she will get no special seeding?

Why would she get no seeding - wildcards normally get seeded as if they were normal entries, don't they?  If she got in under injury protection though it might be different (although I'm not sure whether she'd be eligible for that).  

But yes, potentially she won't be seeded very high and could get a tough third round match.  I'm not sure that will be the worst of her worries, it sounds like the Aussie press might be out to get her if she does turn up.

Ha!  True, she will definetly be under the spot light.  

I guess I am not sure how long she has been out and if she still qualifies for a protected seeding.  

Of all the top women she is one of the few who have no "drama" floating around her beside Hewitt.  I really like her and I think she could do some damage on the tour if she was healthy.


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