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Favorite Instructional Videos/DVDs


I got some money for Christmas and was thinking of getting some tennis videos.  I'm a fairly talented beginner with inconsistent mechanics.  What line of videos have you guys used and found to be helpful?    Are there any that I should avoid?




I have actually never watched any instructional videos...  I would be interested in hearing what others thing.  I have always heard that Oscar Wegners stuff is good.

johnathan smith:
You can't go wrong with the Nick Bollitieri line of videos. I have all of them and will give you a good deal on them.

 Sonic Serves
Bollisitc Backhands
Killer Forhands
right back at ya reteurns
practice and competition drills
practice with purpose
ItF doubles

Interesting, excellent post!  I need to see some of them sometime.

I've watched the Tom Avery series of tapes called Consistent Tennis Wins and found them to be great.  I like how he suggests only trying to focus on 2 things when working on a stroke (no more or you'll be too psyched out).  He goes over simple rules why balls go in the net or long and how you can work on developing a consistent swing.  He has a series on the serve, groundstrokes, volleys and doubles play, and one dedicated to the backhand.

Either way, go on ebay or the like to find some at discounted prices.

Best of luck!



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