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Hewitt plays doubles

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Tennis Freak:
Lleyton Hewitt is desperate to beat Roger Federer.  Could it be that doubles will help his game at the net?  He will not beat Federer from the baseline alone.

From the Advertiser:

--- Quote ---Hewitt makes use of doubles
By Leo Schlink
LLEYTON Hewitt will today tap into an established Australian tradition of blending singles and doubles, launching his bid for the Australian Open second seeding with an attempt to snatch the No.2 ranking from Andy Roddick.

Hewitt will team with coach Roger Rasheed in the first round of the Next Generation Hardcourts at Memorial Drive, intent on removing any rust from a game he now considers better than when he reigned as No.1 for two years.

The South Australian combined with Rasheed in Rotterdam last February, contriving an extraordinary straight-sets humiliation of the Dutch Davis Cup team of Raemon Sluiter and Martin Verkerk, a French Open singles finalist.

World No.3 Hewitt and 35-year-old Rasheed today face fellow Adelaidean Jordan Kerr and American Jim Thomas.

Refreshed by a short break, Hewitt has not played competitively since losing the final of the Tennis Masters Cup in Houston, where he was denied by world No.1 Roger Federer.

Hewitt, just 65 points astern of Roddick in singles, is eager to overtake the American before the Australian Open singles seedings are issued.

If the Wimbledon and US Open champion is able to delve deep into his fifth Adelaide title tilt, he will usurp Roddick and gain what could be a crucial second seed and launch his Open attack from deep in the bottom half - well away from Federer.

Rasheed ended a 10-year absence from the professional circuit 10 months ago with what Hewitt assessed a brilliant exhibition.

* FORMER title holder Nathalie Dechy's Australian Open preparations were thrown into chaos yesterday when she was bundled out in the first round of the Uncle Tobys Hardcourt Championship.

Dechy, ranked 21st in the world and seeded sixth for the $218,000 tournament, was sent packing in straight sets by Italy's Flavia Pennetta.

She attributed her lacklustre showing to a lack of preparation.
--- End quote ---

Hewitt definetly needs the whole package to take down the worlds #1.  He says he has been beefing up and training hard.  He thinks he is ready to beat Federer now.  Although I doubt that is true, I am glad he has that goal, I like seeing him do well.

Welcome to the boards TF!

Tennis Freak:
Although a good net game will help him, I do not think that this late in his career he will be able to develop the skills of a Patrick Rafter or Pete Sampras.  Roddick has tried it, although it has helped his game, his net game seems to be like an amatures compared to Federer's.

this might put over teh edge against federer . . . meaning he will only get bageled in one set out of 3 in grandslam.  fed is too good.  lol its nice to see hewitt care and try though. ..-)



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