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Which racket to use?

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Hi, I'm heading out to Sports Authority to buy a new racket. Which one is the best one to use?

Thanks for the help.


For one, I never buy any racquets at a sport store locally.  I always make sure I get them online, much cheaper!

I suggest you test some you to see what you like.  A lot of it depends of skill level and preference...

i go to this store near my house, its called the tennis and golf company, and i find that there rackets are atleast 30 dollars cheaper than online prices, anyways i would suggest the nsix-one tour 90 if you can use it because it has a lot of good control.

That is one of those racquets you need to be a very solid player for.

I am suprised a local store is outselling, nice catch!

yea its a pretty sweet store with demo courts and everything, i have no idea how they are still in buisness while selling things so low.:p


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