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Jean-Michael Gambill.  I really do.  The guy is so insecure and such an arrogant bastard.  Whenever he's being interviewed, he always finds a way to change the subject and brag about how he dates models or his g/f is a model.  Big deal.  Look at all these other tennis players including Max Miryni, Guillermo Coria, Juan Carlos Ferrero, the Bryan Brothers, Albert Costa, etc who have amazingly hot partners but don't have to remind everyone about it.  It's great seeing how Gambill's tennis career is in the gutter again, where he belongs.

Dont forget Roddick. His girlfriend is a 10+  :)) . Anyway...I thot Jan Michael Gambill was gay anyway!?   ;;)   hahahahah


That is hilarious that you thought he was gay.  :)

I have never seen him interviewed, heck, I have rarely seen him play.

MC ill Logic:
Gambill is a physical freak.  I hate him for having that body.  I hope he gets fat.

I hate Federer for sure :\ it's annoying with all his winners :(

on the girl's side,I just can't see that Sharapova.she's overrated! ||-|


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