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Federer and Safin Spoilers

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Looks like Federer started out 205 right!

--- Quote ---Federer thrashed the Spaniard 6-1 6-1 to set up a second-round clash with Greg Rusedski or Czech Jan Hernych, who meet later on Monday.
--- End quote ---

Safin wasn't so lucky, but it was the Hopman Cup.

--- Quote ---Tommy Haas beat Safin 6-3 3-6 6-1
--- End quote ---

Hopefully this is not how Safin's 2005 will continue.

Hahaha on Safin, I certanily hope not. Haas is a good player though and losing in split sets isn't bad for Safin. Though he needs to get his game together becuz if he goese back to be streaky like he used to, I'm gonna be so mad.

Well, the biggest disappointment for me in that match (and of coarse I did not see it so I do not know what happened) is that the 3rd set score was a blow out.  Did Safin give up, or was Haas that hot?

Haas is a dang good player, he has had injury problems which is a tragedy for him because he is soooo good.

If only DK was here to tell us what happened.  :(

RIP DirtyKash ;>)

I am still hopeful that the AO will bring him back to life.


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