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Federer has coach for 10 weeks of the year

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Federer made an announcement today after he smoked his opponent 1 and 1 that Tony Roche will indeed work with him for 10 weeks of the year.  I think that is pretty cool.  Here is the whole article, it is at the bottom...

That's interesting.  However, ten weeks is not a lot.  It is difficult to figure out this Federer/Roche 'thing'.  I agree that it will be good for Federer to have someone around to assess his game.  Some may say that a player as good as Federer does not need a full time coach.  However, as the year progresses, we shall see.  Yes, 2004 was great.  But if 2005 is not as good, Mr. Gilbert may figure in the mix (or some other coach).

it would be good to see federer with paul annicone, samprases old coach.  he is good mental tennis coach.  federer has come a long way, apparently he was throwing racqeuts all over the place at one point.  very hard to beleive, but its true.  scott has the link from an interview with fed.  i thinks back on the old board however.

Hurray!  It's about time they announced something; goodness knows how long they've already been talking and working together.  Glad to see Roger hung on in and managed to persuade him.

Sounds like a good move to me.  From reports of today's match, Roger was trying out a lot of serve and volley (with varying degrees of success).  Fortunately for him, Ferrer was missing a lot of the passing shots.  He'll no doubt adjust his game quite a lot to play against Rusedski on Wednesday.  It's good to see him trying s&v more as it makes him more aggressive and means he has yet another option on the court.

By the way, I don't think Roger would consider Gilbert for his coach.  What could he bring to Federer's game?  He's hardly a technical coach.  And whilst I don't know either of them personally, I would very much doubt that those two personalities would get on.  

Annacone would be a better choice than Gilbert imo, but Tim Henman's only 30, enjoying the best years of his career with Paul and not looking to give up any time soon.

It would be interesting to hear how much longer Henman think he plans to play.

As far as Federer's match today, he said that Ferrer was giving him a lot of chance to come to the net so he was taking them.   And like you said, it can only help.  Federer has the capability to finish a point from any part of the court, having an all-court game is very important to me.  Being one-dimensional will only give you weaknesses.


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