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Hi  :)) , I'm Dan, happy to find this website where I could find tonnes of tennis info. Great job! A little info about myself, I'm from S'pore, where it's a beautiful busy city and a fortunate country not to be in one of the hitlist of the recent tsunami. I'm am really grateful for that (if not i dun think i will be posting here)

On with tennis, I first touch a tennis racquet about 10 yrs back but only seriously into the game this one and a half yrs. I would consider myself in between a beginner and intermediate level player. During stroke play, I consider myself ok, able to return ball with control and direction most of the time (Forehand). Problem comes when playing games, my movement was no good when hitting the ball and backhand ohh was terrible. Either the ball i hit with backhand was over the baseline or it just floats back towards the opponent court for them to attack easily. Becase of that I can't really play a decent game to enjoy cause i kept losing. Urrg it hurts  :(

Was hoping that u could provide some advise on that.
Once again nice website and wat a nice sport tennis is!

Whew, just got in from tennis, need to hit the shower, I will get back to this shortly.  I am glad you found the website and glad you like it.  We always love new vistiors!  

Extra glad you were not in the disaster area!!!

Ok, backhands.  I guess we will need a tid bit more info.  Do you use a one hander, a two hander?  Do you have problems with high balls, low balls, short shots, deep shots?

Do you hit with topspin or slice?

do you play a 2hander or 1 handed backhand?  let us know, becasue each one can have its own set of potential problems that need to be corrected.  from waht you said, your movement is a problem, and on th backhand, it takes a lot of coordination to swing acrsos your body and get pace.  the movement and footwork is huge.  try to get out and run around your neighborhood, or do some sprints.  as you no doubt know, tennis is a sport you must really commited to, you cant just expect to walk onto a court and play your bes tif you dont practice and get into shape.

I using a 2 handed-backhand. The problem lies with hitting balls with that are deep and high. My balls are hit flat i think so guess it do not have that spin to make it drop to the ground fast enough.

I am a right-handed player. Thus sssit correct to say that back-hand is actually playing with my left hand playing a forehand shot, (the right -hand is more holding to keep your racquet in place). And how do you actually play a top-spin back?

Tks for your reply :P


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