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Fox Drama Reunion
« on: September 27, 2005, 03:34:42 PM »
Has anybody else here watched the opening 2 episodes of this season long drama, that is a story about 6 best friends going through 20 years from 1986-2005 and uncovering the chain of events that turned much wrong and led to one of the 6 being murdered, presumably by 1 of his/her 5 best friends?     The initial episode starts with one of the 6 friends, the formerly innocent but now more hardened and colder Carla(life has apparently changed her persona quite a bit) being interviewed by a police officer, after attending the funderal of one of the 6 former best friends(not revealed initialy who that is).     Each of the 20 episodes is to contain flashbacks to one year per episode, 86, 87, 88, so on, until the 20th and final episode.   The flashbacks take up most of the scenes, but some of them are triggered by present day shots of an individual(
as they are in 2005)being interviewed by the police officer and fearfully trying to find somebody to pass information onto.   To be honest I think it is one of those I am going to enjoy more at the end start than the end, it will become more gut-
wrenching as it goes, and might become harder to watch.

          Some of the complications so far: Craig who was going to propose to Samantha and go to Ivy league school with her after graduating, gets into a car accident with his best friend Will where he is driving intoxicated, but both are out of the car when the police officer arrives.    The victim dies, when it was not know the victim would die, Will took the rap for Craig, Will was not intoxicated.   Then when surprisingly the victim did not survive, Will still took the cover for his best friend, and thought Craig's rich lawyers that Craig's dad suggested would save him, to the schock of him and his friends at the trial he was ordered to 1 year in prison.    Of course part of the reason Will took the fall to protect his best friend, is that unbeknowing to Craig, Will had gotten Craig's girlfriend Samantha pregnant during a brief split their senior year.   Samantha does not confine this information to Craig in the first 2 episodes, but when Craig confines that he was really the drunk driver the night of the accident and Will was covering for him, it creates further tension between them and Samantha decides to go to London for the first year, and she and Craig are temporarily on the rocks somewhat even though he tried proposing to her.    In addition to all this Will has a major crush on Samantha, and hopes that taking the fall for Craig, will erase any guilt in stealing Samantha away as his own girlfriend, Samantha in the 2nd episode, when Will is out of jail, tells him she is not interested in a serious relationship with him though(atleast for now), nor does she feel ready to get back together with Craig considering all the secrets they are carrying, when they all re-untie in the 2nd episode, leaving her single for now, her baby is adopted while in London, but she will likely try to get it back, and is still secretive about it.     Previews for the 3rd episode show her trying to get the baby back from the adopted family, after she is told she can no longer give birth to a child, when she is rushed to the hopsital for stomach pains, after a date with Craig, where he reveals his hopes to get back together, and she is on the verge of coming clean about something before the pain ensues.     Will also meets up with an old jail buddy, who encourages him to be tougher and go after what he wants, culminating in him trying to force Will to rob Craig against Will's wishes, after Samantha states to Will she does not desire him as a commited lover; Will tries to explain when Craig enters and sees the attempted robbery, before Will knocks down his former cellmate,
Craig raises the gun, shoots him in the shoulder, and he and Will demand he leaves.   Craig promises to keep Will's secret, as he is on probation and could return for jail for such involvement in an attempted crime, and hides the gun in the vault that was being attempted to robbed.   In a present day episode we interestingly find this dark-skinned former cellmate(I only point out that since he is the only main character other than the cop who is black so far, distinguishing who he is easier)
who when confronted says he has not seen that very gun since 1987, the year of the attempted/forced breakin robbery.

            As for the other three characters it seems pretty simply so far.   Carla is the sweet friend the others all confide in at times of need, although the one we first see in present day setting in the initial episode, who seems to be by the 2nd episode the one in present day trying to hide the murder to protect her remaining friends as they have their 20th year graduation reunion in some form.     She does not seem so sweet in present day, but in the day she seems the most innocent and naive of all.    In addition to helping everybody with their problems, and keeping any secrets she is told, and going to London with Samantha for the year after the 1st episode, and probably Jenna after the 2nd, she has developed a very large crush on her good friend Aaron, but she does not have the courage to even try telling him, and Aaron seems to see her as  little sister type, and has his sights set on the glamours Jenna who aspires to a major film career.    Jenna however does not have eyes for Aaron, and sees him as more of a loyal best friend type, yet she has sex with him in the final portion of the pilot(1st)episode before leaving for film school between the 1st and 2nd episodes; probably partialy due to being crushed emotionaly the night after she is used apparently a guy she meets at a party the previous night, which jealous Aaron warns about, seemingly at the time to make a fool of himself.   Much to Aaron's surprise, who thinks he has unlocked the key to Jenna's heart, by the 2nd episode, she is no longer interested in him in a romantic sense, and calls the one-night stand a mistakes.    His obsession with her continues, she continualy gives him the "just friend" sermons and repels his advances, while Carla continues in vain to try to attract the eye of "good buddy" Aaron, who still seems clueless to her feelings for him.

         The 2nd episode ends with a present day scene where the police officer investigating the case comes to the church of the funeral to question an initialy unidentified minister, who turns his back seemingly prepared for the interrogation.   The
character is revealed interestingly as Will Maloy.     Earlier Carla had phoned this individual in a frantic rush to on the street, after exiting the police station, seeming concerned she had informed too much in her intial questioning, and meets this same then-unknown priest in a dark private chamber at church.    Afterwords she tosses the gun in a river, seemingly imparelled by fear, of what she has started.

        I am betting Craig is the one who gets the termination to his life in the end, and I am betting it is Will who did it.   However you should always expect the unexpected in these sort of things, so I should expect to be wrong.     The concept of how to produce this series is almost unprecedented, with many new concepts on how to produce a year-long tv series.
Here is a link that explains it far better than my dull summary: