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Tests are for school right?

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Wrong!  I have my 4th of 9 Architectural Registration tests tomorrow.                     *sigh*

lol nice.  good luck.  are you gonna pull an all nighter studying?  if you do, your wifey can do the laundry and cook you a 3 course meal if you want remember?.  lol.  not a bad way to cram :))

This one is a design test, so I just need to brush up on the computer program they are making me use.  Beyond that there is not much studying for this one.  But wifey already ordered me a pizza which I am munching on right now as I click and draw parking lots and locate buildings pedestrian walkways ans stuff.

lol sounds like fun.  is the program they are making you use called simcity?   just wondrin . ..  :whistle:

It's called Pacific  :)


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