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New Emoticons - Lettme know...


Ok, I should have been studying, but I decided to do other things, like find more smileys that match the ones we have already.  I have found the mutha load.  

Here they are, if you do not like some of them or if you think there are too many let me know.  I think it is nice that is only displays the regular 20 on the left like we had, and the rest you have to click to see...

 :angle-not:  :applause:  :Bleh:  :Blush:  :Boxing:  :bye1:  :Sad-Bye:  :cool:  :cowboy:  :crying:  :lol-cry:  :depressed:  :har-har:  :head-smack:  :insane:  :king:  :lmao!:  :mad1:  :lol-sign:  :blues-brothers:  :james-bond:  :death:  :doctor:  :yup:  :farmer:  :laugh-bounce:  :lust:  :shakey:  :no-no:  :hell-no:  :ok:  :ranting:  :rasta:  :shiny:  :shocking:  :shut-up:  :sick:  :sleeping:  :sly:  :smoke: :tease:  :thumb-down:  :thumbs-up:  :whip:  :wicked:  :winner:  :worthy:  :wub:  :yahoo:  :yuk:

If you have any good ones that match this style let me know and I can add it.

My personal favorites of the new ones...




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