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I threw a wood racquet in my bag today before I went out to hit.  After my match I hit around with a wood racquet for the first time.  Kinda fun to try.  I hit the first few shots out and then slowed down my swing and hit darn well with it.  I would never play a match with it, I would probably frame everything.  Still fun to try now and then.

Anyone else ever hit with a wooden racquet?

I've never hit with wood but I have an old Yamaha in the basement that my dad played with when he was my age. So its probably a good 30 years old by now lol I think it might be graphite or something? The head size is smaller than my face -- I'd never be able to keep it in the court.

I've never even seen a wood racquet in real life, where would you get one?


I got mine at the Salvation Army in college.  The sticker on it said $2.50 but the lady at the desk insisted it was just 25 cents.  Whatever.

You could grab one off of E-Bay pretty easily I bet.

Guest, I see yoou post here a lot, that is sweet.  If you register you will start to aquire a post count.  :)

Cool man, I didn't think they would be so cheap. I'm going to check out ebay and see what I can find. Oh and you probably already figured this out I'm a member now. :H


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