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I always find these kinds of articles interesting...

Are the rules in wheelchair tennis any different such as scoring and the service box and areas where it is inbounds.

MC ill Logic:
I think the balls are allowed to bounce twice.  I'm sure finding a complete outline of the rules would only take a few seconds with Google.

maranatha tennis:
They have these athletes at the big tourneys and the slams and they are the hardest working athletes around. I have the priviledge of getting to know one of these athletes at the tourney in Miami and loved the matches.

It was also cool being able to watch matches courtside when I went with him. They get the best seats and are allowed to have someone sit in a regular chair beside them.

The ONLY thing different is the two bounces. They all have these great spin serves.



That is correct they get two bounces, but only if the second bounce lands inside the court.  At least that is what I thought they said in one of the videos.  They make so little playing tennis it isn;t even funny.  One of those articles said $1500 - $2000 to win a singles title at a slam.  That is pathetic.  Very disappointing!


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