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Safin loses again - Hopman Cup

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I am very suprised that Safin went down to Coria in straight sets.  Is his heart in the Hopman Cup?  He is runnign out of time to get his act together for the AO.  I would of thought that if anything the Hopman Cup could of been used to build some confidence going into the AO.

Me thinks you not think much of Coria.

Depends, was this match on clay?  He is not bad, but he is no Safin...  I think Safin should beat him almost every time...

2004 Tennis Masters Cup, Hard, RR
Houston, TX, USA Hard RR Safin 6 1   6 4        
2004 Monte Carlo AMS, Clay, S
Monaco Clay S Coria 4 6   6 1   3 6          

Safin has beaten him once on hardcourt and lost to him (not so badly) on clay.  He just got spanked by him on hard court.  Not a good day at the office for MS.

He moves pretty well for a tall guy!

btw Scott, who is your favourite player at the moment? Fed?


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