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Oh no Safin!

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Sanguenetti d. Safin 76 67 60

Man on man...  What else can I say.   :shocking:

Yikes! I wonder what caused him to collapse in the third?

The blond haired bimbos were probably not there.  . . .  Overheard conversation:

Safin:  Hello, may I speak with Brad Gilbert?

Brad:  Speaking.  Is this the racket slamming underachiever, also known as Marat Safin?

Safin:  It is I.

Brad:  What can I do for you?

Safin:  I heard that you were fired recently and are in need of work.

Brad:  Don't remind me.  That show off Mr. RodDick made a big mistake in giving me my pink slip.  

Safin:  Well, my current coach, P. Lundgren, does not seem to be cutting it for me.  All he thinks and talks about is his formal pupil, some guy named Roger Federer.  

Brad:  You wanna meet?

Safin:  Sure.

Continuation of Conversation:

After Brad and Marat meet over a beer in Australia prior to the Open, it is agreed that Brad will coach Marat on a trial basis for one year.  (Of course, Marat fires Mr. Lundgren.  Thus, Mr. Lundgren then becomes so angry that he proceeds to the nearest barbershop and gets all that long, messy hair of his cut off.) . . . There is really not much time for the teacher and pupil to prepare together for the Australian Open.  Brad gives Marat some pointers about opposing players.  Particularly, the young, playboy, showoff Andy RodDick.  

Brad:  All Andy has is that big serve.  I kept telling him that some day his arm will just fly off his body and land in the stands thus seriously hurting a fan.

Marat:  Well, I have a big serve, too, Brad.  Plus I think my forehand and especially my backhand are much better than Andy's.  

Brad:  I agree.  You just need to get this emotion thing in check.  Calm down.  You're talented and good looking, too.  Much nicer looking than Andy.  

Marat:  But what about this Roger guy?  He can do everything.

Brad:  Yeah.  He worries me, too.  So slick on the court.  Then again, Marat, you are better looking then Roger also.  

Marat:  Do you think that my looks will help me win the tournaments?

Brad:  Maybe.  Look at me.  I am nothing to look at and I never won that much.

Marat:  So true.

To be continued . . .

lol thats hilarious.  im loving it :lmao:


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