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So its the current exhibition match that a lot of the top ladies are participating in and its been full of shocks thus far. The biggets being Maria Sharapova getting SPANKED by Elene Dementieva 67 63 61. Is that an ouch score or WHAT?!

Anyhow, Venus won too   :uh:  the highlight of the exhibition tournament for me. She beat Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 4-6, 7-5. Supposedly she only had 4 unforced errors which is typically really good for Venus but doesnt say much if she played Vera that close and played so well. I thinkthey may have ipped on that count but nevertheless, this was a good match for Venus and I'm hoping it gives her the boost she needs to get on top for the AO. She plays Kuznetsova tomorrow.

Also, despite Venus & Serena's doubles loss, there's talk of Serena's interest in getting to the top again. Maybe she'll finally get her head back together and add that more spice to the game.

I was just about to start a topic on this exhibition. Venus plays Kuznetsova at 5:30AM Eastern.

She only had 4 unforced errors?  She shouldn't lose a set with those kinds of stats.  They usually avergae about 40 errors on a good day.

I'm not sure those statistics are accurate. In fact I'm sure they're not.

Venus def. Kuznetsova 5-7, 6-2, 7-6

Though this is only an exhibition, this has to do wonders for Venus' confidence. In the final she'll play Elena Dementieva.


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