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Hingis thinking of returning to the tour

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Interesting, if she does well in this tournament coming up she may try the WTA Tour again.  I would loooooooove to see her comeback and see how she does.  Even if it is just for dubs.  Her and Korunikova could get back together.  :)

Do you have an article on it? I know she played an exhibition doubles match and might be entering something early this year.

Here we go.

Return hinges on performance in Thailand

LONDON -- Former world No. 1 Martina Hingis hinted she could return to the women's tour if she comes through a comeback tournament in Thailand this month unscathed.

The Swiss prodigy was forced to quit tennis in 2002 at age 22 with a foot injury.

On Friday, Hingis said she would use the Volvo Women's Open in Pattaya, starting Jan. 31, as a test of her fitness.

"The tournament is a test. I don't know how my body will react," she told Switzerland's Le Matin newspaper.

"I was a bit rusty, in the beginning, with some small pains in my calf at times. But that is part of the game.

"The state of my preparation is a question of mental preparation above all."

Master tactician Hingis, who at 16 became the youngest player to be crowned world No. 1, was given a wild card into the Pattaya tournament as part of her charity work in the region, and its low-key status suits her fine.

"I support several charities in Thailand. I'm also playing to see where I am," Hingis, the winner of five Grand Slam titles, said.

"At Pattaya there will not be as many people and the players are ranked between 30th and 95th in the world."

Excellent, thx!

I think it would be very tough for her.    I dont want to sound like tennis is becoming only a power battle, but power is such a prominent part of it all now.    Justine Henin, to my mind, has just the minimum amount of power neccessary to have a chance to win slams, just barely reaches the required point of power.    Yet Justine hits so much harder than Martina IMHO.    I have always enjoyed watching Martina play but never again would she enjoy holding trophies if she came back.   Just my opinion.


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