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Justine out of the AO

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Wow, now she has a knee injury.  I am starting to think her tennis days are numbered...

--- Quote ---Henin-Hardenne out of Australian Open  
Justine Henin-Hardenne Withdraws from Australian Open

Justine Henin-Hardenne will miss this month's
Australian summer with a knee injury which has forced
her to withdraw from the event in Sydney and the
Australian Open.

After nearly a year fighting an energy-sapping virus,
the former world No. 1 and defending champion in both
events will now have to wait up to another two months
to take to the court again.

She has been diagnosed with a micro-fracture of the
femural condyle in her right knee (bone on the outside
of the right knee), which she incurred on Dec. 28 while
practicing in Florida.

The small fracture was confirmed in an SRI scan in
Sydney; doctors have told her to rest for four to six

"I started to have pain in the knee nearly two weeks
ago, and it started to get worse over the next few
days," said Henin-Hardenne, who trained over the
holidays before arriving in Australia.

"When I came to Australia I stopped training for four
days, hoping it would get better, but it didn't. I'm
so disappointed that I'm not going to be able to play
in Australia and defend my titles."

Henin-Hardenne, who won the Olympic gold medal, was
restricted to nine tournaments in 2004 as she was
sidelined by a viral illness.  
--- End quote ---

Tennis Freak:
This girl cannot get a break.  She has worked herself to the bone, I wonder if she worked herself too hard and is now paying the price?

I think the price of being such a small player and having to generate enough pace to stay as good as she did is costing Henin now. Even Hingis, who had a lot less power than Henin, broke down with injuries, and she was only slightly bigger than Justine...(although she is trying to come back now)

I can't say I'm surprised by her (or Clijsters') withdrawal, but of the course the women's field takes a major hit with their absences. But even if she played, I doubt she would have made it too far. Her form is off and she isn't match-tough. But then again she almost breezed through the Olympics, so who the hell knows.

The women's draws lately have been depleted, which is too bad.  I wonder if there will ever be a "full" roster at a major event.  I used to be a Henin fan.  But since that incident at the FO, she has lost a lot of rank in my opinion.  Could this injury and the mystery virus be payback?


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