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Complaints about the Tennis Channel.

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You have heard about all the complaints of not being able to get the tennis channel and the fact the European Masters series was moved from ESPN to the tennic channel.  At least the Tennis Channel did provide much better coverage.  It was complete and live with repeats for those who don't like to get up so early for the first maches.  The ESPN coverage was almost always taped in later years except for a few night matches that just happened to feature US playes that you wanted to see.   These would be the same players that ESPN would repeat at Wimbledon and the French Open so many times.  In earlier years you got a live a repeat showing on ESPN.  On the other hand when the Golf channel started up they had only tournaments that hadn't been seen at all or seen in recent years.  The only exception were a few BBC produced European events that were on a same day time on Prime.  However Prime at least replaced these events with Hooters tour events that are two steps below the PGA.  When Prime was sold to FOX they dropped the Hooters tour and replaced them with taped coverage of events from Perth and Sun City, South Africa.  These went to the golf channel along with the senior toue but not before most cable systems had the golf channel.   When Speedvision and now Speed channel first went on the air F! was moved from ESPN and ESPN2 to Speed but at least they allowed FOX Sprorts Net station to have it at 10:00 AM local time on tape for some time for envets from Europe.  Others wound in fact be live on both channels.   When Cartoon Network first came on cartoons continued on TNT, TBS, and USA for several years before they were dropped since they were the same ones that are now seen on Cartoon Network.  Whe the Game Show netowrk now GSN first started game shows continued on USA for a few years before they were drooped since the USA reruns were the same ones on GSN.  This is what should have happened with the Tennis Channel. They could have had the live showings and ESPN had the taped repeats.

Tennis Freak:
I would agree, ESPN should show us something, taped or not.  I wish I had the money to get the tennis channel

When all the other new cable channels first started up they made sure you could see the other programs at first on the channels they have used to be on.   Prime at least replaced the BBC golf tournaments with Hooters tour when they went to the golf channel.   You still can't get the tennis channel on Direct TV and Dish network so if I want it I will have to get a large dish or move from Mesz, Arizona to Palm Springs area of California.

lol, moving sounds like fun.  I am in Ohio.  I like it here until the winter.  AZ is nice, I was out there a year ago.  My lips got chapped in 1 day, I wasn't expecting that!  Good thing for chap stick!  I was out there in October for some tennis.  I enjoyed it.  It was Tuscan.  (Did I spell that right?)

It is spelled Tucson.   Were you in Tucson in October 2003?  That was one of the hottest Octobers in the Phoenix area.  That year they had the latest triple digit temperatures which was 100 on October 23 in Phoenix.  There were record high temperatures for seven day in a row.   In fact most everybody in the US had warm weather.  Then there were major fires in the San Diego area.  The Monday night football game had to be moved from San Diego to where the Arizona Cadnicals play.


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