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I need some help!


The old EZBoard has kicked into ad mode since I never paid to keep the ads off and we moved here.  But when they did that they no longer allow me to redirect people over here with HTML code.

I want to put a fat announcement on the pages that tell people we have moved here, but all the text I put in the "body" comes out as normal sized font.  What is my best bet here?  Should I just make a new HUGE logo and put it at the top and say we have moved?

Any EZBoard experts out there.  Here is the link to the boards...

Check out the lovely ads and pop-ups I had to keep paying to keep them off of your screens.  They are hugeness. : )




Ok, I have it figured out, I just made a new banner image at the top saying that we have moved.  I think that will work just fine for those who have not realized we have moved yet.


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