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I need a racket recommendation that will last me.  Highschool varsity player, 4 yrs experience, 6'2''.  I can hit very hard so I don't want a power racket.  As a matter of fact, want something that will help me hit a little more consistent and in bounds.

Have used:
Prince More Control DB MP: Really liked this racket but broke 3 frames without even dropping them once.

Head Liquidmetal Radical OS: Didn't really like it too much but wasn't terrible.

Head Liquidmetal 4 MP: I hate this racket and am using one now.  Seems very inconsistent and too much power even when strung at max tension.

Give me a good recommendation for a few rackets to try.  I want to stay away from head this time because I dislike their products somewhat.  I need to pick a racket that is decent price too so that I can buy 2 at the same time and have one as a backup.  I really need something that won't be a hinder to my game which only needs a bit more consistency at this point.  Thanks.

Sucks breaking frames that you do not abuse.  What a bummer.  

Have you tried any of the NCodes yet?  I have hit with the  nSix-One a few times and they feel pretty good.

What style of game do you play?  Lots of topspin baseliner?  Big serve or just spin, maybe both?

I am not the best equipment guy, but there are some people on here that know their equipment pretty well.  I do highly recommend you test them first!  Also, you can always get used racquets much cheaper, and they usually have almost no scratches on them.  If someone advertises them with 9/10 condition at or here they are usually almost mint condition.  I ordered on of mine from someone who said it was 9/10 condition.  When I got it the plastic was still on the handle  :)

If you're on a budget I can recommend the Mfil 200/300 and Maxply MacEnroe from Dunlop.  Can't go wrong with the n6-1 95 either.  I'm similar in size and experience to you and I have two of them.

MC ill Logic:
Because it seems like you're an intermediate level player, I wonder if when you say "too much power" what it really means is you're inconsistent, tend to hit long, and/or maybe don't hit with enough top spin.  I have this suspicion that if I were to watch you play, I would cite your technique as being more responsible for your inconsistency than your equipment.  But if you're worried about too much power than you shouldn't use an oversized racket.

Generally speaking, flexibility equals less power.  Also, smaller head size equals less power.  A denser string pattern is generally believed to mean MORE control (dense string pattern, 18 mains).  Thicker gauge string can also dampen power.  

With that said, if maybe you need to hit with more spin to keep the balls in play, you may want a more open string pattern (16 mains).

How are you with weight?  Do any of the rackets seem to heavy or light to you?  Like Scott said, demo several rackets from Tennis Warehouse.  All you pay for is shipping.

If you check out the rackets on Tennis Warehouse's website, they have power ratings.  I guess you would want something with "LOW" power.

I am interested in getting an n6-one 95 now.  It seems a little high priced so idk if id be able to buy 2 or not which may be bad.  Are these rackets on the weak side?  I am having way too much trouble with my liquidmetal 4, it feels like i have to take way too much off my shots to the point that im not completing complete strokes to keep stuff in.

Also, sizewise, I have huge hands.  People have told me that you should go with small grips because of added control but, I feel most comfortable with the bigger ones.   5 feels most comfortable but people have recommended 4.5 which feels small for me without an overgrip.  

One other thing,  I was just examining my prince more controls and one of the rackets looks as it the carbon fiber is ok and just the paint cracked all the way around.  Should I even bother restringing this racket, could i get more use out of it or will it most likely break?

I have actually hit with the maxply and I was wondering,  It seems completely out of style,  has anyone felt bad using it because of the retro styling.  

Thanks a ton.


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