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1 month in!

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Ok, today is the 1 month anniversary of these forums.  Time to sit back and see if we made the right decision.

I like these forums better because I feel like I have more control.  I host the board on the Tennis4you server, so I do not have to worry about EZBoard server maintanence and when they are slow, which I love.

In 1 month we have 99 registered members, but a lot of those were existing members.

We have 1468 posts.  What I did not like about EZBoard is that they prune the messages after 20 pages.  So they are lost forever.  I do not plan on doing that here, I will just deal with the larger database size.

I also think that all the advertising the forums on Tennis4you on pages like the Lesson Lounge and the Homepage have paid off.  We have some great new posters here that we did not have at the old forums.

Where we did take the hit is the classifieds sections.  I think it is only running at about 75% capacity so far.  But that is actually better than I thought it would be.  

We took one more big hit with the loss of DK.  He wasn't happy about the move.  I hope he makes it back in due time.

All this and it is winter in the US and we made the move in the off season for the pros.  Not too shabby.  I cannot wait to see what happens here when the AO starts!

You all have been awesome and I appreciate you all moving with me, I know it sucks leaving that many messages behind, but we are quickly making new ones.  In the General Tennis Discussions Board it is no longer evident we just got here only 30 days ago.

Thanks to each of you!

Wohooo!!!!!!!!Happy Anniversary.Bring on the vodka and food :uh:  :thumbs-up: .May tennis4you rule other boards(looks like it's already) :)~




nice board though :))

dk come back!   :(


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