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Any games we can play?

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Anyone know of any games we can play for the AO?  I have never done this nor competed in any.  I do not want to do a complicated one, just something simple.  Something like guess how far in the draw the seeds will make it.  1 point for each one you get right or something stupid like that?

I have no clue, need help yos!


a good one is to do a playoff round pool... I do it myself for every
slam.  print off the draw and pick a winner all the way to the final
before the first ball is struck.

1st round - pick winner in each match get 1 point
2nd round - pick winner in each match get 2 points
3rd round - pick winner ... get 3 points
4th round - pick winner ... get 4 points
quarter round - pick winner ... get 5 points
semi round - pick winner ... get 6 points
finals - pick winner ... get 7 points

too complicated I suppose.

Itīs a 128 draw, so we can all pick 5 players, the person that got more players into the final four wins.
Keep it simple.


What if we go with the top 16 seeds?

Guess what round they will lose in.

1 point for each correct answer

Winner has the most points.

Would anyone else play that besides me?  Is it lame?  I am just looking for ideas.  I would like to see if we can get a tradition going here.

Game on the Forum? Or it could be a program?


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