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One of my biggest gripes with other message boards is that you can scroll down the list of forums for about an hour before you reach the bottom of the list.  And most of those forums are not used, just the few main ones are used.

But I was wondering if I should start an "Instructional" section here.  Or do you think that I should just keep it all in the "Tennis Discussions" forums?  

I am up in the air about it, I need your thoughts...

No thoughts?

I think that is a great idea!!!, I for one could use some good tips from people on this board, plus it is good to keep the two separate. :H

I think a thread here and there would be more useful than another forum, because many of the boards (not just tennis) that I frequent have a million forums with hardly any posts. However, if you think it's a popular subject for the visitors here, by all means create another section.

That is the thing BBB, I think your thought agree with mine.  I almost want them in here because more people will see them and more people can respond.  I do not know how another forum would do in here.  I kinda like it here where I know the traffic is.  

I just hope people know they can post any question in here, we will answer it!


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